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Wouldn't you go to mountains for refreshing yourself?


I'm Yuichi Hashimoto, a beginner-friendly climbing guide. We will guide you in small groups to easily accessible mountains near Tokyo, such as Mt. Takao, Okutama, Chichibu, Tanzawa, Nikko and others. Would you like to have fun and slowly climb the mountains together while observing nature and chatting safely? Climbing in nature will refresh your mind and body! !  Basically, on the second Saturday of every month, our association Refresh in Mountains organizes guided mountain climbing that is relatively easy and enjoyable. For those who are accustomed to it, we can also guide you to places such as the Japanese Alps. Please feel free to contact us regardless of nationality, first-timers, young and old, men and women, and anyone interested in mountains.

The climbing tours currently recruiting are listed in a page of "Tour schedule".

In a page of ”English/英語", there are page of  "Request"  where I put Points to be understood by those who participate in this guided mountain excursion, and "Advices for enjoying climbing" etc., please refer to them.


初心者にやさしい登山ガイドの橋本祐一です。少人数制で東京近郊の山、たとえば高尾山、奥多摩、秩父、丹沢、日光など気軽に登れる山へご案内させて頂きます。安心安全に、自然観察をしながら、おしゃべりをしながら、楽しく、ゆっくり一緒に山登りをしませんか? 自然の中での登山は心身のリフレッシュとなります!! 基本的に毎月第二土曜に当会リフレッシュインマウンテン(Refresh in Mountains)では比較的楽に楽しめるガイド登山を企画しています。慣れておられる方には日本アルプスなどへもご案内させて頂きます。国籍を問わず、初めての方、老若男女、山にご関心のある方はどなたでもお気軽にごお問い合わせください。

現在募集中の登山ツアーは"Tour schedule"画面に記しています。



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