Refresh in Mountains

Wouldn't you go to mountains for refreshing yourself?

Hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing in greenery, blue skies, and great nature refreshes and frees your body and mind. Even when the weather turns bad, you can still enjoy yourself. (In case of bad weather where danger is expected, it will be canceled or postponed)

Men and women of all ages, children and the elderly, any nationalities, and those who are worried about going to the mountains alone are all welcome to participate. If you would like to participate, please let me know by e-mail. If you are participating for the first time, please let me know your past climbing history or exercise history.

If you have any requests for trekking or climbing mountains other than the one planned shown in this web site, please let me know the mountains you want to climb and the desired date or timing. I try to adjust as much as possible.

Guide: Yuichi Hashimoto

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