DATE: SATURDAY, june 8, 2024


In June, Mt. Takao welcomes you with green trees, chirping birds such as the Hotodogisu (little cuckoo) and flowers such as  Sekkoku orchids (dendrobium moniliforme) on cedar. It may be rainy as the rainy season begins, but Mt. Takao with a little rain is also wonderful.

Takaosanguchi Station, the nearest station to Mt. Takaosan, can be reached in about an hour on the Keio Line from Shinjuku Station. Would you like to refresh yourself at Mt. Takao, which is rich in nature and has easy access?

If you are worried about climbing the mountain alone, please come! !

I think you can refresh yourself in the lush greenery of Mt. Takao.

On the second Saturday of every month, this Refresh in Mountains organizes guided trekking that is relatively easy and enjoyable.




毎月第二土曜に当会リフレッシュインマウンテン(Refresh in Mountains)では比較的楽に楽しめるガイド登山を企画しています。

Mt. Takao in June is early summer; if it's sunny it's hot, and if it's cloudy or rainy it's green and the moss is beautiful.

Why not take your time and refresh yourself in the mountains, streams, trees, greenery, and mountain air of Takao!  

Route 3 of down route has fewer climbers on Mt. Takao, so you can enjoy a quiet forest bath.




Expected flowers we can see at this hiking

Tree:  Sekkoku orchids (dendrobium moniliforme) on cedar, Hydrangea flower


 草花:        セッコク、アジサイ

Meeting:      In front of Takaosan-guchi Station on the Keio Line 8:30AM

Dissolution: In front of Takaosan-guchi Station on the Keio Line around 3PM (May vary depending on the situation.)

Itinerary:     Takaosan-guchi Station (elevation 190m) - Trail 6 (Biwataki Course) 1:50 - Summit of Takao-san (elevation 599m) - 0:15 – Momiji-dai (lunch) – Trail 5, 0:15 - Restroom at the bottom of the summit – Trail 3 and Trail 2, 1:10 – around down-point of Kasumi-dai Park – through (near) Biwataki 1:00 – Takaosan-guchi Station

Actual walking time: about 4.5 hours

集合:          京王線高尾山口駅前 8:30AM

解散:          京王線高尾山口駅前 3PM頃 (状況等により前後する可能性があります。)

行程:         高尾山口駅(標高190m)‐6号路(琵琶滝コース)1:50‐高尾山頂(標高599m)‐0:15‐紅葉台(昼食)‐まき道(5号路)0:15‐山頂下トイレ‐3号路、2号路、1:10‐霞台園地(下)‐琵琶滝方面1:00‐高尾山口駅


Participation conditions: Those who can walk on flat ground for about 3 hours are OK.

Participation fee:             3000 yen

Clothing:      Shoes suitable for mountain climbing (climbing shoes are preferred, sandals and high heels are not allowed), T-shirt + long sleeves, long pants (Jeans are no good, this is because the fabric is thick and heavy when wet, making it difficult to dry.), hat, (Note: If you are wearing a cotton T-shirt, please bring a change of clothes to protect yourself from the cold.)

What to bring: Lunch (e.g. 3 rice balls), sweets, water (1L), water bottle (hot drink), glove, rain gear (upper and lower), warm clothes (sweater ), change of clothes (if necessary), towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, household medicine, health insurance card, mountain climbing insurance (please contact us if you are unsure) (note: these Please put it in your rucksack and bring it with you.) 

How to apply: Please apply to the following email address.


Application deadline: Saturday, June 1, 2024

Recruitment number: Maximum 6 peoples

Rainy weather etc.: If rain is expected, I will contact you by 7 pm the day before the event whether the tour will be held or not. In case of light rain, the tour will be held. 

Guide: Yuichi Hashimoto (Japan Mountain Guide Association Certified Guide (Mountaineering Guide Stage II))

参加条件:   平地を3時間ほど歩ける方ならOKです。

参加費:       3000円

服装:          登山に適した靴(登山靴が望ましいです。サンダル、ハイヒールはNG)、Tシャツ+長袖、長ズボン(ジーパンはNG:生地が厚く、濡れる重くなり乾きにくいためです。)、帽子、(注:木綿のTシャツの場合は汗冷え対策用に着替えを持参ください。)

持ち物:       昼食(例えばおにぎり3つ)、お菓子等、水(1L)、水筒(温かい飲み物)、雨具(上下)、手袋(軍手可)、防寒着(薄手のセーター)、着替え(必要に応じて)、タオル、日焼け止め、サングラス、常備薬、健康保険証、登山保険(ご不明な方はお問合せ下さい)(注:これらをリックサックに入れてご持参ください。)

応募方法: 次のメイル宛先にお申し込みください。hashimotoichi23@gmail.com

応募締切り: 2024年6月1日(土)

募集人員:   最大6人

雨天時等:   雨天が見込まれる場合は前日の7pmまでに催行するかどうかご連絡します。少雨の場合は催行します。

ガイド:       橋本祐一 (日本山岳ガイド協会認定ガイド(登山ガイドステージII))

実働時間 04:40 、距離:8.5 km、累積標高 登り・下り:610 m