Hiking @ Okutama Mt. Mitake & Rock Garden

(In August, would you like to enjoy stream and forest bathing at Mt. Mitake and the rock garden near Tokyo?)

Date:  Saturday, August 12, 2023

In early August, the rainy season woud end in Tokyo, and it will be hot every day. Meanwhile, why don't you go hiking to Mt. Mitake, where you can enjoy mountain streams at the rock gardens, which are easily accessible from the City? 


The area around Mt. Mitake (929m height) is about 6 degrees cooler than in the city, which is pleasant. So let us take a leisurely walk along the stream, bathe in the forest, watch the waterfalls, see the city, enjoy the trees, flowers, chirping of birds, and refresh yourself with the fresh mountain air!

The main flowers and trees that can be enjoyed this time

Flowers:       Astragalus, Tamagawa Hototogisu, Tama Hydrangea, Fern and Moss


Trees:           cedar, cypress, broadleaf trees, etc.

Date: Saturday, August 12, 2023

Meeting:      Mitake Station along Ome Line, bus stop for Cable-shita at 8:50 AM (plan to board a bus for the cable-shita (Takimoto Station) departing at 9:12 AM, get off at Cable-shita, the final stop)

Dismissal:    Around 3PM at Mitake Station (May vary depending on the situation.)


Itinerary:     Mitake Station (Ele. 250m) - (10 min by bus) - Under Cable (Ele. 400m) - (6 min by cable car) - Above Cable (Ele. 820m) - 35 minutes - Mt. Mitake (Ele. 929m) - 30 min - Nagao-daira Branch - 20 min - Tengu-iwa - 10 min - Nanayo-no-taki Falls (Ele. 710m) - Tengu-iwa - 20 min - Rest area (lunch) - 20 min - Ayahiro-no-taki Falls (Ele. 886m) - 45 min - Nagao-daira branch - 20 min - Visitor Center - 10 min - Fujimine-enchi - 10 min - Above cable - (6 min by cable car) - Under cable - (10 min by bus) - Mitake Station

Actual walking time: 3hr40min, Distance: 6.6km, Cumulative elevation (climb & descent: 550m), source: Yamareco measurement


                     The cumulative elevation is a little bigger than climbing Mt. Takao (round trip from Takao san guchi Station to Mt. Takao).


Source: Yamareco


Remarks:     After hiking, you can take following hot spas.  (Charges are separate.) 

1) Hikawago Asahanoyu, Mikawaya Ryokan 15:00-22:30 (1,000 yen for adults) About a 7-minute walk from Okutama Station

Official website: http://www.mikawaya-ryokan.com/

2) Moegi-no-Yu 10:00-20:00 (850 yen for adults) About 10 minutes walk from Okutama Station

Official website: http://www.okutamas.co.jp/moegi/


Participation conditions: Those who can walk on flat ground for about 3 hours are OK.

Participation fee:             3000 yen (Transportation expenses, etc. will be borne separately by the individual.)

Clothing:      Shoes suitable for mountain climbing (climbing shoes are preferred, sandals and high heels are not allowed), T-shirt + long sleeves, long pants, hat, (Note: If you are wearing a cotton T-shirt, please bring a change of clothes to protect yourself from the cold.)

What to bring: Lunch (e.g. 3 rice balls), backpacking food, water (1L), water bottle (hot drink), rain gear (upper and lower), winter clothing, change of clothes (if necessary), towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, household medicine (note: these Please put it in your rucksack and bring it with you.)

How to apply: Please apply to the following email address.


Application deadline: Saturday, August 5, 2023

Recruitment number: Maximum 10 people, minimum 3 people

Rainy weather etc.: If rain is expected, guide will contact you by 7 pm the day before whether the tour will be held or not. In case of light rain, the tour will be held.


Guide: Yuichi Hashimoto (Japan Mountain Guide Association Certified Guide (Mountaineering Guide Stage II))


Ayahironotaki falls

tanayonotaki falls

tengunokoshikake sugi