Hiking at Mount Takao

DATE: SATURDAY, March 9, 2024


Takao Station, near Mt. Takao-san, can be reached in about an hour on the Keio Line or JR Tyuo-line from Shinjuku Station. Would you like to refresh yourself at Mt. Takao, which is rich in nature and has easy access?

If you are worried about climbing the mountain alone, please come! !

On the second Saturday of every month, this Refresh in Mountains organizes guide trekking at relatively easy and enjoyable mountains.

The fresh greenery on Mt. Takao will not be seen until April or May, but in March you can enjoy the plum blossoms that herald spring at the foot of Mt. Takao. Enjoy the red and white plum blossoms with your eyes and nose at Takao Plum Village, located on the north side of Mt. Takao (the scent is also fragrant), and then climb Mt. Takao. Nice small flowers may also be blooming. If the weather is good, you may even be able to see the mountain range and even Mt. Fuji.

Expected flowers we can see at this hiking

Flowers: Hana-neko-no-me (Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum) (Route 1&6, Jataki, Ura-Takao), Azuma-ichige (Anemone raddeana) (Ura-Takao, Minami-Takao, early bloomers may be seen.)


Tree: Plum (Takao baigo (plum village)

Date:            Saturday, September 9, October 14, November 11, 2023

Meeting:      Takao Station (JR Chuo Line & Keio Line) North Exit 8:30AM

Dissolution: Takao Station 3:30PM (May vary depending on the situation.)

Itinerary   Takao Station (altitude 170m) -(0:15)- Nishiasakawa intersection -(0:25 along plum promenade)- Jataki Bridge (snake fall bridge) -(1:00)-  Kasumidaienchi -(0:50 passing through Yakuoin)- Mt. Takao summit (altitude 599m) -(0:10)- Momiji-dai (lunch) - (1:00 bypass + Iroha no Mori course) - Campsite management building -(0:25)- Hikage bus stop (Kogesawa plum park) -(1:05)- Takao Station

Actual walking time: about 5 hours 10 minutes

Participation conditions: Those who can walk on flat ground for about 3 hours are OK.

Participation fee:             3000 yen

Clothes:       Shoes suitable for mountain climbing (climbing shoes are preferred. Sandals and high heels are not allowed), undershirt + long sleeves, underpants + long pants, socks, gloves, hat, cold weather clothing (sweater or down), (note: If you are wear a cotton undershirt, please bring a change of clothes to protect yourself from getting cold.)

Things to bring: Lunch (for example, 3 rice balls), sweets, etc., water (1L), canteen (hot drink), rain gear (top and bottom), change of clothes (if necessary), towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, regular medicine, heat pad if you are sensitive to cold. (note: these Please put it in your rucksack and bring it with you.)

How to apply: Please apply to the following email address.


Application deadline: Saturday, March 2, 2024

Recruitment number: Maximum 10 people, minimum 3 people

Rainy weather etc.: If rain is expected, I will contact you by 7 pm the day before whether the tour will be held or not. In case of light rain, the tour will be held.


Guide: Yuichi Hashimoto (Japan Mountain Guide Association Certified Guide (Mountaineering Guide Stage II))

Total activity hours: 05:10(excluding rest time),Distance:12.5 km, Accumulated up & down elevation:515 m

 Measured with YamaReco

Photos of Hana-neko-no-me (Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum) and Azuma-ichige (Anemone raddeana) are quoted from the Mt. Takao official app.