Points to be understood by those who participate in  this guided mountain excursion

Mountains could be dangerous.

While we strive to ensure that our customers can enjoy a safe and enjoyable mountains, please cooperate with us when asking for manners to be observed in the mountains and precautions to ensure safety during mountain climbing.

The weather can change suddenly in the mountains. Also, someone from the same party may have an accident or become ill. This doesn't happen often, but it could happen. In that case, the originally planned process may be changed or canceled. We may also ask for your cooperation in some way. We ask for your cooperation so that you and your companions will have a safe and enjoyable climb.

Even if the itinerary is changed, basically the guide fee will not be changed, but if the schedule is shortened (3 days scheduled to be shortened to 2 days, etc.), we will refund the amount.

I'm sure you've heard this many times, but bring your own garbage bag and take the garbage you generate on your way home with you. So that the next person who comes will be happy! If you put garbage in your pocket, it may fall out of your pocket and stain the mountain, so put it in a garbage bag and put it in a rucksack and take it home.

Please refer to the "Advices for enjoying climbing".